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Tiong Liong / TLC Textile Digitalization Introduction. Tiong Liong complies the spirit "Sustainability, Innovation, Performance" to innovate and develop textile and materials with functionality yet sustainability to the market.. Our core textile techniques include weaving, dyeing and finishing, functional treatment and coating, and lamination technology. TLC is licensed distributor for numerous global functional material brands, and also operates self brand textile and materials to provide brand customers with versatile and novel textile and professional services.

Textile Digitalization

E-textile Swatch Interface

E-textile Swatch Interface

Textile Digitalization


【 It is the internet and digital era. Timing is everything for business 】
TLC's ability to innovation is not only emphasis on the advance of professional techniques and the commitment of environmental sustainability, but we digitalize material development process and prototyping in practice by using "digital textile design system" and "e-material interface platform" in order to meet the digitalization trend.

Digital Textile Design System

By applying digital textile design system, it makes simulation of textile pattern and colours to be easy and simple. The design process starts from turning the customer's request for costume fabric into digital simulation, and then makes digital design to be physical sample. It not only merges sample prototyping process from virtual designs to physical textiles, but also improves communication to be transparent as well as the increase of working efficiency. It is timesaving and especially it saves prototyping cost and decreases the impact on the environment from disposal of sample waste.

E-Material Interface Platform

"Material Exchange" and "swatchbook" are e-textile swatch interface platform in which we can display our materials in real-time and interact with clients from the world. Brand customers and finish goods manufacturers can navigate materials via reviewing textile pictures and looking up to material information and attributes online as well as enjoying product simulation functions. It makes material sourcing and communication process to be more efficient in comparison with the conservative way.

Using digital textile design system and e-material interface platform is not only because it is trendy. Moreover than that, it benefits to save the use of resources and improve the impact of pollution issues.

The advantages of digital textile design:
● Fast altering sample design.
● Easily to apply digital textile to be simulation on product design.
● It shortens sample prototyping process and the period of material sourcing time.

The advantages of e-textile swatch interface:
● Decrease the numbers of making fabric swatch books and the waste of disposing outdated fabric swatch books.
● Decrease the number of textile prototyping times.
● Decrease the numbers of unnecessary stock fabric.
● Improve transport pollution problem caused by sending physical fabric swatch books and sample fabrics.

40 Years of Functional Textile & Fabric Supply | Tiong Liong / TLC

Based in Taiwan, Tiong Liong Industrial Co., Ltd., since 1979, is a functional textile and fabric supplier and manufacturer. The core textile techniques include weaving, dyeing and finishing, functional treatment and coating, and lamination, which have allowed them to develop fabrics that are eco friendly, durable, waterproof, breathable, heat & odor-control, anti bacteria and protective.

Tiong Liong / TLC is a licensed distributor for numerous global functional material brands and has been creating own-brand fabrics to provide versatile and novel textiles with professional service. Tiong Liong / TLC is Bluesign® and Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certified as well as apply Higg Index system in our product lifecycle.

Tiong Liong / TLC has been offering customers high-quality textiles and fabrics since 1979, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Tiong Liong / TLC ensures each customer's demands are met.


Tiong Liong focuses on eco-friendly processes to realize the goal of reducing waste, pollution, and energy consumption.

Innovation Center
Innovation Center

The Innovation Center focuses on design and development of sustainable, innovative, and high-performance textiles.

E-textile Swatch Interface
E-textile Swatch Interface

The digital textile design system and e-material interface platform integrate virtual design and physical prototyping.