Core Value / Tiong Liong complies the spirit "Sustainability, Innovation, Performance" to innovate and develop textile and materials with functionality yet sustainability to the market.

Tiong Liong / TLC Core Value Introduction. Tiong Liong complies the spirit "Sustainability, Innovation, Performance" to innovate and develop textile and materials with functionality yet sustainability to the market.. Our core textile techniques include weaving, dyeing and finishing, functional treatment and coating, and lamination technology. TLC is licensed distributor for numerous global functional material brands, and also operates self brand textile and materials to provide brand customers with versatile and novel textile and professional services.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Core Value


Every process section of Tiong Liong's products, raw materials, weaving, laminating process, and after-finish treatment, adopts the concept of environmental sustainability to practice the reductions of energy consumption and the impact of pollutions. Furthermore, using recycled wastes to turn it into textiles, Tiong Liong realized our business philosophy to protect the earth and the environment. and then obtained Bluesign® and GRS certifications, and introduced the Higg Index verification system to show our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Environmentally Friendly Products and Services:

Environmental Friendly Lamination Packages - Tiong Liong is qualified for the bluesign® system partner. All of our lamination packages are produced throughout non-toxic, solvent-free, and water-base lamination process.

Recycled Yarn and Fabric Made From Post-Use PET Bottle - Yarn and fabrics are made by recycled PET bottles. The recycling process of PET bottles involves bottle sorting, washing, and cleaning, cutting and chopping, melting, pellets making, and yarn spinning, and finally made into yarn and fabric so that they can be applied to footwear, and bags, etc. It can also combine with other fabrics to enhance functionality. A good example is that the Olympic Games and World Cup Football jerseys have used such textiles to be team sportswear.

ARIAPRENE® Composite Material - ARIAPRENE® is Tiong Liong's own-branding material. Being as thermoplastic foam-core packages, ARIAPRENE® is a comfortable and protective material that features well elastic and ultra lightweight. Foam-core technology is made by TPE and is friendly to the environment. ARIAPRENE® is highly customizable to be creative to fit various kinds of distinctive, footwear, bags, protective case for electronic devices, and protective gear, etc.

Recycled Fishing Net Fabric - Using recycled fishing nets to weave fabric, the expelled marine fishing nets turns to be reusable and no longer a burden to the ocean environment. Recycled fishing net fabric demonstrates a good storyteller of recycled textile for making shoes, bags, etc. we had a collaboration on using recycled fishing net fabric to make sneakers with a well-known brands all over the world.

Bio-base Waterproof Membrane Textile - Made of natural bio-based materials, and comparing with the conventional waterproof film which uses petrochemical elements, bio-based waterproof membrane textile is proved that the manufacturing process can reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions whilst maintaining its functionality and performance. This is an eco-friendly material and it is ideal to apply to the end-use products that need waterproof and moisture management.

Supply Locally - Set up branches, factories, and warehouses overseas to decrease the trace of carbon footprint and transportations. Tiong Liong can supply not only in Taiwan but also in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Recycled plastic bag turns Into renewable materials

Hi! My name is SUPERBAG. I'm named after Superman in order to save the world. Let me tell you a story about my family. My dad retired from branded retail shops, as you know, his name is PE bag. Mom comes from recycled plastic bottle yarn and starts to explore the wonderful world when she has become so-called ecoSmart mesh fabric. Both Dad and Mom are Earth lovers and they are enthusiastic with environmental protection. They knew that TLC is devoting to practice 4R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Renewable) concept, therefore they decided to join TLC to support this idea.
TLC uses advanced and real eco-friendly technology to bond Dad and Mom; with attitude of respect life, I'm very proud that my birth is truly meaningful to the environment. Sincerely hope that you can join me to promote this idea and to influence more people around you.


40 Years of Functional Textile & Fabric Supply | Tiong Liong / TLC

Based in Taiwan, Tiong Liong Industrial Co., Ltd., since 1979, is a functional textile and fabric supplier and manufacturer. The core textile techniques include weaving, dyeing and finishing, functional treatment and coating, and lamination, which have allowed them to develop fabrics that are eco friendly, durable, waterproof, breathable, heat & odor-control, anti bacteria and protective.

Tiong Liong / TLC is a licensed distributor for numerous global functional material brands and has been creating own-brand fabrics to provide versatile and novel textiles with professional service. Tiong Liong / TLC is Bluesign® and Global Recycling Standard (GRS) certified as well as apply Higg Index system in our product lifecycle.

Tiong Liong / TLC has been offering customers high-quality textiles and fabrics since 1979, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Tiong Liong / TLC ensures each customer's demands are met.


Tiong Liong focuses on eco-friendly processes to realize the goal of reducing waste, pollution, and energy consumption.

Innovation Center
Innovation Center

The Innovation Center focuses on design and development of sustainable, innovative, and high-performance textiles.

E-textile Swatch Interface
E-textile Swatch Interface

The digital textile design system and e-material interface platform integrate virtual design and physical prototyping.