2023 NW Materials Show and Premiere Vision Sport | Custom Engineering Jacquard Fabrics: Style Meets Functionality | Tiong Liong / TLC

Tiong Liong / TLC is Taiwan high quality Waterproof & Breathable Fabric, One piece upper Fabric, Engineering Jacquard Fabric, Recycled PET Fabric, ARIAPRENE® TPE Foam Package Fabric, Marinylon recycled fishing net fabric, CORDURA® Durable Fabric manufacturer 40 years of functional textile supplier, providing one-stop shopping experience for textile in various functionality, sustainability yet trendy tryisbe. since 1979. Tiong Liong prioritizes eco-friendliness in their textile production, aiming to minimize waste, pollution, and energy consumption. They use sustainable methods to supply high-quality functional textiles, reflecting their commitment to environmental stewardship. Their eco-friendly fabric range includes ARIAPRENE® TPE Foam Package Fabric and other recycled materials, showcasing their innovative approach to sustainable textile solutions.

2023 NW Materials Show and Premiere Vision Sport | Eco-Friendly Recycled PET Fabrics for Sustainable Textiles | Tiong Liong / TLC

2023 NW Materials Show and Premiere Vision Sport | Tiong Liong complies the spirit "Sustainability, Innovation, Performance" to innovate and develop textile and materials with functionality yet sustainability to the market.

2023 NW Materials Show and Premiere Vision Sport

06 Feb, 2023 TLC Marketing Center

Taichung, January 31th, 2023 –The Materials Show 2023 is quickly approaching and we are thrilled to showcase our latest products and services at
Booth #211 & Booth #213 on March 1-2. At our booth,attendees will have the opportunity to experience our top-of-the-line products first hand. Our product lineup includes:

The latest 3M Specified Water Repellent Greige Yarn technology. We will also showcase various sustainable fabric materials.
MARINYLON®, the ocean-friendly nylon, comes in more patterns for woven & knit fabrics.
CORDURA® re/cor™ made with recycled polyester and recycled nylon to bond durability and sustainability together.
The exclusive eco-pigment spray technology — the revolutionary dyeing process in a safe and dry way.
The latest durable coating technology — the sustainable coating implement for improving textile durability and abrasion resistant.
ARIAPRENE® AP BIO in plant-based, AP TERRA carbon footprint certified, these two new composite packages will be presented at the show.

At TLC, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best products and services in the industry. If you're looking for innovative solutions.
Be sure to stop by Booth #211 & #213 at the 2023 NW show on March 1-2.
Our team of experts is eager to share knowledge and assist you to find the perfect products for your needs. We look forward to seeing you there!

About The Material Show
American Events, Inc. produces four semi-annual top shows for material and component sourcing, known as The Materials Show.
The company connects global suppliers with apparel and footwear manufacturers, bringing together industry professionals for 27 years.
The event provides a platform for networking and fostering community in the athletic and outdoor industry.

Exhibtion Information
  • NW Materials Show 2023 and Premiere Vision Sport
  • Exhibition Hour (Day1) Wednesday, March 1st, 2023 *9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Exhibition Hour (Day2) Thursday, March 2nd, 2023 *9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • The materials show Location: Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR
  • Booth Name: TLC (Booth#211)
  • Booth Name: ARIAPRENE® (Booth#213)

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Tiong Liong Corporation Textile Digitization

COPRIME™-Durable Coating Technology

MARINYLON® Starts here


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2023 NW Materials Show and Premiere Vision Sport | Innovative Waterproof & Breathable Fabrics for Outdoor Gear | Tiong Liong / TLC

Established in 1979, Tiong Liong Industrial Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan based performance textile manufacturer and supplier for over 45 years. Tiong Liong / TLC provides customers with the high-quality footwear materials include ARIAPRENE ® TPE Foam Package Fabric, MARINYLON™ Recycled Fishing Net Fabric, CORDURA ® Durable Fabric, Waterproof & Breathable Fabric, 3M Thinsulate™ Fabric, Recycled PET Fabric, Ionic + Silver Fiber Odor Control Fabric. Tiong Liong /TLC foresees customers’ needs, dedicating to providing diverse material selections and streamlined services.

Tiong Liong stands out as a professional functional textile supplier, embracing the core values of sustainability, innovation, and performance. Their expertise spans across weaving, dyeing, finishing, functional treatment, coating, and lamination technologies. As a licensed distributor for several global material brands and a provider of their own branded textiles, Tiong Liong offers a wide range of products, including eco-friendly, durable, waterproof & breathable, and engineering jacquard fabrics. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their GRS certification and adoption of the Higg Index system, and they focus on digital technologies to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. This makes them a top choice for B2B buyers in the functional textile industry.

Tiong Liong / TLC has been offering customers high quality functional textile solutions since 1979, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Tiong Liong / TLC ensures each customer's demands are met.


Tiong Liong focuses on eco-friendly processes to realize the goal of reducing waste, pollution, and energy consumption.

Innovation Center
Innovation Center

The Innovation Center focuses on design and development of sustainable, innovative, and high-performance textiles.

E-textile Swatch Interface
E-textile Swatch Interface

The digital textile design system and e-material interface platform integrate virtual design and physical prototyping.